• Software house mainly oriented to develop messaging and document management solutions
  • Messaging platforms for Companies involved in massive traffic volumes and needing the utmost reliability

About us

The Company was founded in 2005 as a software house.

Over time, it specialised in developing specific messaging solutions for large businesses requiring strategic communications services.

The skills and experience acquired in business communications have allowed the Company to establish themselves as a systems integrator which designs and creates highly specialised messaging systems.

Lillytone offers tried and tested standard solutions, as well as customised systems in accordance with the clients' specifications.

Thanks to a partnership with some of the biggest hardware and software producers for the creation of ad hoc components, Lillytone can guarantee the reliability of its solutions, which are, consequently, employed by the major telephone networks.

In recent years, Lillytone have invested in an operational structure which meets varied and specific costumer demands, in response to the importance of such requests.

Finally, Lillytone is the European owner of Digitaldox®, the platform ins ASP (application service provide), which is employed in different countries in order to manage huge volumes of messages.

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