• A complete portfolio to upgrade your comunication system
  • Remove paper from your workflow and streamline daily business
  • Archive and backup your data and information using a flexible and customized solution



Ddox is an advanced communications solution, integrating the Company's procedures with the most popular communication methods.

In order to accelerate and fully computerise business procedures, Ddox is integrated into existing applications (by means of the most common standard interfaces such as standard interfaces such as File System, Xml File, Ftp, Smtp, Web Services) so that messages can be sent by using different methods of communication: fax, SMS, MMS, voicemail, e-mail.

The above is achieved by keeping track of all the steps taken and by providing delivery information necessary for business procedures.

Ddox also provides plug-in connectors to the most common back-office systems such as MS Exchange, Lotus Notes and Sap

Furthermore, in order to guarantee the confidentiality of highly classified fiscal and/or legal documents sent via email, Ddox will apply an encrypted digital signature to them so that they can be archived in a central data-base and information downloaded.

Ddox functions as a genuine document workflow for sending and receiving, as it permits the management of information by organizing by time and by subject when processing a specific document.


Correct, simple and straightforward archiving of documents is an issue affecting all businesses due to the ever increasing amount of information received digitally.

Ddox-Archive is capable of providing this service by integrating itself with pre-existing applications without changing usual business procedures.

This solution becomes even more strategic and effective when integrated with the Ddox messaging platform.


The ASP Digitaldox was born from the success of Ddox and offers an outsourcing service which does not require initial investments. By capitalising on the communication potential of the web, ASP Digitaldox uses Ddox's ability to deliver messages without the need of local systems.

The incredible potential of the Digitaldox platform has encouraged Lillytone to register it as an EU brand.

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